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I shot this from the Santa Monica Pier.  They noticed me filming and I saw the one in red call someone on her cell phone.  A few minutes later some dude is clearly scanning the area for someone and luckily I saw him first.  I always leave a couple of hats and shirts in my vehicle when shooting so I took off my hat and shirt and headed back to my ride.  I had to walk right past the guy to get off the pier but at that point I didn't match the description so he didn't even glance at me.  Lesson of the day, don't get so focused on the prize that you forget to pay attention to your surroundings!


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fortunately you got some footage of this girl before any real trouble came your way. good man.

lesson learned for them: if they're gonna get all bent out of shape every time guys stare or film them in their sexy bikini's, then they need to flaunt that shit at home. i hope more pervy dudes got footage of them that day and every day since. righteous.

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1 hour ago, fathersbride said:



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Agreed, street smarts is what allows you to creep another day. Don't get captured while doing the capturing.

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She's lovely, nothing sexier than a one piece. 

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The 4 P's!  Preparation prevents Poor performance!   Well done!

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