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Found 19 results

  1. Two beautiful girls in leggings [Hidden Content]
  2. So I have a good amount of candid videos and was wondering what I should start posting. I was also wondering if anyone would like me to post pictures/videos of panties I have stolen from friends. If so I have a good amount of videos on which i went to my friend house when she wasnt home with the spare key she gave me and I cam over her panties multiple times. Let me know if you guys would be interested in that stuff too!
  3. Hi. Any background video app recommendations. I half a really good one but it's no longer in the app store and I forgot the name. The one I'm trying now is was to blurry on the front camera when it moves. But the last app I had wa perfect 😞
  4. Hey everyone. I started my exhibitionist practices in 2011-2012 after I found out about Omegle video chat. I was only 17 at the time but I quickly found out I liked to show my dick to girls and I particularly enjoyed when the girls joined me in the fun. Now it’s 2019 and I still like to get on and find a masturbation partner. However the game has changed quite a bit throughout the years and it has taken some effort to stay up to date. I will now present my best tips to you all reading this: 1. Omegle is rarely worth it. The ratio between girls to men/bots/ads has gotten much worse. At one point (2014-2015) there was a mobile app that supported video chat and it brought a lot of girls with it. Now it’s gone again and so are the girls. It used to be my go-to site until it basically died. 2. Ome.tv only works if you are willing to show your face. An effective method is to show your face and look innocent but masturbate under the cam so that the girls still notice what you’re doing. It’s surprisingly easy to find a girl who is very interested in what you’re doing. You can then show them and you won’t get banned if your dick doesn’t show if they skip you. 3. Changing countries in ome.tv can help you find girls very easily. This is a neat trick... choose a country where the timezone is favorable. This is more helpful to Europeans because we do not get to enjoy the North American treats very often. In Europe, I’ve noticed that there are certain countries that offer much more naughty women than others. I am able to find multiple willing women everyday if I choose Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine or Poland for example. I have no clue why but countries like Netherlands, France and Belgium have way less horny girls online. 4. To make ome.tv work on your iPhone without using the app, just go to ome.tv normally and then long press the refresh button to launch the website in desktop mode. Then wait a moment until you accept Safari to access your webcam to prevent blackscreening. Now it should work just like the PC version. 5. Chatous is a good app for finding some of the most fun girls out there but it tends to be more time consuming and less guaranteed. Also many of the girls seem to be Malaysian and Indonesian girls who may not be for everyone, but they sure as hell are really horny. 6. Chatroulette has made a comeback. It works on mobile as well and it is maybe the most unpredictable site that I know of. You can’t apply any filters and you can’t even type messages to my knowledge. 7. Coomeet premium is a weird one because it offers real girls to chat with one on one but they are paid to be there and the service itself is very costly. However the girls themselves are super hot and slutty and willing to watch you and help you cum. It’s basically an internet hooker service and it can quickly drain your wallet if you get too into it. I only tried it for like 30 minutes and I nearly got addicted to that shit. I’m 99% certain you can get a girl from coomeet to give you their number if you pay them more than the website. You might even be able to buy a wife from there I’m pretty sure. Those girls live in poor countries and they’re desperate for money. 8. For people looking for an undetected VPN, I have one that works so I can give it out in PM’s. It’s Switzerland based so you’ll show up as Swiss, which might even make you appear more exotic/attractive... 9. Remember to have fun! Sometimes you won’t get lucky and that’s okay. Also, your looks do matter unfortunately, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m 24 and pretty attractive so I have no trouble scoring every session. Using fake cams is not something I have done or will ever do because it takes the fun out of it for me. I also don’t record my encounters out of principle, but if I did I’d have 100’s if not 1000’s of clips, some of which are legitimately insane. I can write about my craziest ones later.
  5. ZeekWitt


    Can we by chance start a candydoll content dump on here?? I know a lot of people on here have to be waiting for someone to post something. I included.
  6. Hi All i'm looking for a app(for candid purposes) with which i can use one android phone to control another android phone(with screenshare and touches are transfered to the controled phone). the one which meets almost 100% of my requirements is airdroid, but it requires internet and paid version for longer usage. is there such app which wont require internet? maybe with wifi hotspot(without internet) and connect with second phone to it? is there such alternative with bluetooth?
  7. Hi Guys, I'm about to get some fine ass shoots myself, just as I did on TCZ. In order to give something back to the other shooters. But I have a "problem" So far, I've used the SCOS app and iVideoRekorder. however I now have a Huawei P30 Pro, which is equipped with the camera option "wide angle". Which is very advantageous for close-up pictures. But in none of the apps (which I only use so that my touchscreen stays black and so the camera continues to shoot even in the lock screen) there is no possibility to use the wide angle. Does anyone have any idea which Android app I could use instead? Best regards
  8. How do I delete posts I made?? I just made a mega account specifically to use to post things here. I just went to add something to the account, and it's been terminated already!!!! Which leads me to believe someone from this site reported me for something I posted. Due to the fact this is the only place I used that account on. WTF? So i just need to know how to delete my posts , so there is no dead links of posts I made here
  9. How can I change my username?
  10. Guest

    Buy premium membership

    From today the site is more attractive lot of new videos in premium section.Enjoy it. Admin keep up.
  11. Guest


  12. Its like the site got bugged with ads now? Whats goin on?
  13. How do i turn the videos i upload into topics?
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