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Found 70 results

  1. beautiful huge round ass wide curvy round hips. my balls are teased like hell by her ultra fertility and i would love to get her pregnant. My hands of her huge round ass - the most obvious symbol of her ultra fertility - and I'm not gonna pull out. The ecstasy in my balls and their pride as i release 100s of millions of my sperm up her vagina. My dick feeling so good up her pussy squirting thick loads of my semen in her. She has so much power and she has me by the balls. [Hidden Content]
  2. STREAM & DOWNLOAD : [Hidden Content]
  3. MediaFire Quicky but enjoy 😏
  4. These are just two vids I have of some of the girls in my High School, I shot these sometime between this and last year and there are easily thousands of more in between. So if you wanna share/trade anything with me if you want more, just feel free to dm me, I will be posting every few days though anyway, but I won't post the really risky ones here more than likely though. Num.1: Rachel Link: [Hidden Content] Num.2: Faith Link: [Hidden Content]
  5. This was my first shoot, and I decided to shoot my cousin ass as we were walking. [Hidden Content]
  6. such a beautiful shape, peachy plump bubble butt, jiggling and wiggling, obviously she's very fertile. my balls are aching like hell to get her pregnant. would not hesitate to get my dick up her pussy and squirt loads on semen up her, while holding her beautiful bum and feeling the ecstasy and pride in my balls as her pussy makes me release 100s millions of my sperm up her. [Hidden Content]
  7. this chick has everything, ghetto fabulous afro-latina, lovely brown skin, black hair and an irresistably curvy figure, massive thick phat round ass, wide curvy hips, thick rump and a phat juicy tight vagina that would make it impossible for you to pull out, and make your balls empty. not gonna lie, i would love to get her pregnant and make lots of offspring with this beautiful female, proud she let my balls be responsible for getting her pregnant [Hidden Content]
  8. That is one nice bubble butt she has on her👌🏻 [Hidden Content]
  9. [Hidden Content] She is beautiful. I would so get her pregnant. The ecstasy holding her gorgeous huge bum cheeks as i nut massive loads up her pussy is impossible to resist.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    want more of her?
  11. Yet more proof if needed how women have us by the balls. This vixen is showing off her beautifully shapely bum and hips in thin stretchy tight leggings. Her ultra fertility is obvious. My testicles are obviously teased like hell, needing the ecstasy releasing my 100s millions of sperm in her. Feel so good having my dick up her vagina ejaculating my semen as i hold her beautiful bum cheeks. Would be proud of my balls for getting her pregnant. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. Females are fantastic creatures aren't they? She obviously knows she got an incredible figure and a beautiful huge round phat ass and curvy hips and knows males cant fight how it teases. So she proudly and smugly shows it off. And I love her for her power over us. Very very very fertile latina. [Hidden Content]
  13. This asian chick is a graduated senior. She loves to suck white cocks while posting nudes on her stories. btw she LOVES wearing lulu tight ass black leggings cuz she KNOWS boys be looking and taking pictures of her secretly. UR PLEASURE is HER JOY [Hidden Content] copy.mov
  14. Waiting in line just for her... 8 mins Enjoy [Hidden Content]
  15. 1080p | 30 fps | 4:06 | 480.21 MB | 1080 x 1920 | 9:16 [Hidden Content]
  16. 4K | 60 fps | 1:00 | 323.93 MB | 2160 x 2160 | 1:1 [Hidden Content] 1080p | 60 fps | 1:00 | 117.60 MB | 1080 x 1080 | 1:1 [Hidden Content] 720p | 60 fps | 1:00 | 90.56 MB | 720 x 720 | 1:1 [Hidden Content]
  17. Just thought I'd pop some more of these out there, I know not everyone's into girls in jeans but I can confidently say that shit is my POISON! But hey if that isn't your thing, I still got a little something in here for you too, got a pretty good video of Savannah bending over a few weeks ago, shit is choice as fuck boys! Num.1: Lilly Link.1: [Hidden Content] Link.2: [Hidden Content] Num.2: Savannah Link 1: [Hidden Content].mp4/file Link 2: [Hidden Content].mp4/file
  18. Thought I'd contribute some more videos! These are kinda old, but I'll definitely get some more quality vids of these girls when I get the chance. Not too too sure when, but I know it shouldn't be too long until I get the oppertunity to get some more shots of these two angels! Num.1: Mary Link.1: [Hidden Content] Link.2: [Hidden Content] Num.2: Nikki Link.1: [Hidden Content] Link.2: [Hidden Content]
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