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  1. I've always had a MAJOR thing for College gymnasts (the Olympic ones are too skinny and, obviously, underage). I think the girls at the NCAA level have the real talent because it's more difficult to maintain that athletic skill as well as physical conditioning while getting "older" ("older" in the gymnastics world: meaning 20!). The entire package; though, of the tight glittery leotards/the stocky hips/ample bums (and, also, frequent "spread" or straddle-like movements) are a perfect storm of grace with undeniably erotic sexual energy; combined in an almost weirdly "wholesome" way.
  2. She's actually old-enough to be the mother of a lot of guys around here....today's JB won't look like this when they reach THEIR 30's(!). 🤕🍒👅😎😆
  3. She'd, also, tried on a similar-looking suit in shiny metallic blue (looked too slutty though, IMO, vs. the black).
  4. What a throbbing one🔥🍆🍆🍆I got from watching this display of my GF take place; squeezed into the little black beauty captured here. Whoever said onepiece swimsuits were boring....WAS WRONG! A tad thicc around the edges (and I love her madly for it😍) but, the camel made an appearance with his ever-so-phatness happening in REVERSE this time [third pic]; to again rock his perpetually WET domain called a gusset.😙 Don't you just wanna thrust her back door and explode all inside(?)😎😵😋. Consider the photos virtual beer money among friends and fap away🤙🤙🍻. Peace, JXC.
  5. A little flirting around with the GF resulted in these teasing positions🍆😇. An old, cheap purple pair of leggings she was lounging around in revealed a million-dollar backyard view (and then the near-naked deal maker). Peace, jXc.
  6. I know my GF is a little😁 thicc under all the compression athleisure she ordinarily likes to "live in"....but: for summer, the spandex will be just as tight with the body heat more intense🔥😛🏖☀ IN SWIMWEAR(!). She probably should've gotten the next size up for this suit; however, it IS sexy-as-all-'eff with what spills out of it as well as the way it digs into the right crevices👀. P.S. The fabric is metallic and, a smartphone camera distorted the reflectiveness of it (in case you were thinking? --- the spot on the front in the last pic was somehow a stain😆).
  7. I love the look of the second one. I remember when bodysuits were popular in the 1990s, because they'd been born out of the aerobics clothes trend of the '80s. It's good girls today are liking them (again)....their mothers' generation started complaining how they'd be so inconvenient to wear to the bathroom (but, I think: they just got too out of shape to rock them anymore!😑). My own GF; in a Spanx one and, in a vintage one she'd planned on using for a retro look gym class (prior to the virus quarantining thing)
  8. Here's more camel closeups of her (it was unseasonably warm last weekend in my region of the USA, so...my GF decided to air things out down there by going commando for most of the Friday and Saturday!). Yes, those lips are as phat and sweet as they look in pictures. I swear!: no 'shopping done. Zoom in and, you won't see any digital hash or pixellated distorted abnormalities surrounding the details to prove it. Thanks all for the interest.
  9. I'm glad THAT🍒🍒🍒got somebody's attention around here(!)👀😊. Thank you!👍 Enjoy it, mate and...remember: IT is what lurks under all these girls wearing this delicious stuff.
  10. That's a wig from a Daphne Scooby-Doo costume!😆
  11. I can guarantee: she can give as good as she gets🍒🍆😛
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