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  1. [Hidden Content] This video is complete chaos, store full of people mirrors everywhere still trying to record. Hand full of makeup and lip gloss all because (my sister had another birthday) 😂😂 If you don’t like the video just HMU and let me know. faces shots, camel toe
  2. [Hidden Content] shes looks like one of those sexy chicks from a comic book with the face mask Her and her mom were coming into the function before I checked out first clip I just got a bit but wanted more so I went back and they were in the make aisle which is my gold mine, so I pulled the I have to shop for my sister it’s her birthday she likes makeup and I don’t know what to get her it hasn’t failed me yet. But man that ass was a 10/10
  3. [Hidden Content] Met this chick Amanda while I was doing a demo job, went by her house a few times and saw her had to find away to get that ass on film. So I started asking about the little cleaning project they were doing. But I got what I could get 🤷🏽‍♂️ The first clip was definitely a reach forgive me for that 😂
  4. She had the right amount of ass and tits and cute, my dog went home dirty because I was focused on her.
  5. [Hidden Content] 5 minutes of this beauty washing her dog we had a good convo, I really screwed the editing I lost some of the best parts. But picked together what I could
  6. And every time you say it I appreciate it, good motivation!
  7. [Hidden Content] 2 videos of her in one, a little more ass in the second one! She’s a thick one
  8. [Hidden Content] wanted so much more but her asshole boyfriend was on to me
  9. That made me laugh more than anything, but hopefully this week I can edit a few good videos and put up.
  10. You hit a bowling alley on a Friday or Saturday you can have a ton of content
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