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  1. @D40man my work from the "other" site is still mine. If you check the users its the same name! But before speak try to Think, its not so hard
  2. This will be the last post here until I see some changes here! Before post my last 5 videos my react It was Somwere 91, after I put 5 videos, watch 5 guys on each video and they react only 6 😏 for wich should I post?! You should react At least for the work I was doing, Or at least for the time lost outside during a shooting! I understand the disrespect on their part! Below you have the last video I put up for as long as things won't change as much as possible! We don't ask much but you don't offer anything! [Hidden Content]
  3. @numerin4 it tryed and its working,maybe for you it deosent work!
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