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  1. Dude you post the best content. Candid and non candid. Keep it up
  2. Desperately seeking this vid of mine. I’ve scoured the internet to try and find a re-up. Once upon a time I was an active shooter on another forum. Well a white knight KO’d my mega and I lost all my OC. Trying to recover some of my better ones. Any assistance is appreciated.
  3. Somebody... anybody... please re up! @BTS you still have this?
  4. a6rand

    My OC

    So nobody has any of my OC?
  5. a6rand

    My OC

    Send it!!
  6. a6rand

    My OC

    Anyone have this vid? My OC? Lost all of my content when my mega got dumped on the candid zone... anyone with any of my vids would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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