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  6. Hi du machst gute pics von Girls wollt mal fragen ob wir tauschen wollen ? machst du auch videos 😃 kannst gern auch meine anschauen auf TheOriginalCandid.com finde ich bisschen besser mein name Boogie95



  7. excellent videos !!
  8. Yup I'm from the original candid forum, but they locked my account and I can't get back in even though I've messaged the admin,,,

    1. Gramateurs


      What is your name over there

  9. I posted a few times in here but all but one of my post got deleted for some reason. I am not sure if I should even post at all in here now. I have a lot of pictures and videos of my friends panties but not sure if I should
  10. Hi all, it's not that JakePaul

    I'm partly back to post videos/requests. I've bookmarked each requests that mentioned me from the past few months. I probably will be replying back one full set of request each other day or what ever suits me.

    - JP

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    2. MADARA


      ur welcome brooooooo


    3. Skylerjames


      Yoo i think weve something to celebrate jake paul, if u know what i mean

    4. CheeksCandid


      welcome back

  11. Requests are still on hold, I'm just having a break from posting.

    Before anyone ask for how long?

    The answer is I don't know how long.

  12. All requests are on hold.

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    2. Skylerjames


      Thanks thanks!!

    3. matiuslj


      thanks for ur work


    4. matiuslj


      thanks for ur work


  13. To most you have @ request videos in the past couple of day for me do I've seen them, those videos will take some time. As I'm currently putting most of my efforts to complete on huge requests in the time I allow myself to be on TrueCandid.

  14. Enjoy this candid adventures high school hotties enjoy
  15. Hey hey back to new set of candid adventures this some nice teen hotties enjoy and member to contribute to the club alright
  16. Alright enjoy this hottie teacher I was subbing for enjoy
  17. I’m just letting everyone know that I will be flat out doing requests , any new requests that get posted and mentioning me after this status gets publish could be on hold for at least a month, it shouldn’t be but I’m just giving padding time just in case there  any issues on uploading the video etc.


  18. Here is some throwback pics of nice different shape high hottie asses from my throwback candid adventures
  19. I've posted 10 new posts and I accidentally set the folder to private, it should be fixed and the videos should be available to be downloaded.

    If anyone who've replied the following topics, try the links again:

    Sexy Pawg In Grey Spandex - Not OC //CandidBubbles #440
    Big Butt In Thin Spandex - Not OC //CandidBubbles #436
    Sexy Latina In Pocketless Jeans - Not OC //CandidBubbles #434
    BBW Pawg In See Thru Spandex - Not OC //CandidBubbles #428
    Sexy Blonde Pawg In Sheer Pants - Not OC //CandidBubbles #421
    Mega Booty In Blue Spandex - Not OC //NYCandids #390
    Big Booty Dominican In Blue Jeans - Not OC //NYCandids #505
    Thick Jiggly Pawg  - Not OC //NYCandids #498
    Thick Latin Milf In Shiny Black Spandex - Not OC //NYCandids #465
    Big Booty Dominican Milf In Leather Looking Spandex - Not OC //NYCandids #421


    Sorry for the inconvenience cause.


    1. RasputinXyz


      Thanks a lot man!

  20. I know that some people on here has @ requested me for some videos. Those request will take some time, I have limited time during the week to come on here and post things.


    1. jhopikins


      No problem, we appreciate =)

    2. blasta


      we love all the uploads you do and understand, that sometimes  you cannot xD


      thanks for all uploads man ..always superasses

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